105 Partition St.

Saugerties NY

The beginning...

The beginning...

CCB is excited to launch our first website and blog post. With the expansion from our flagship destination in Saugerites, NY, we felt it was time to properly communicate with our customers and give them a chance to understand our thought process in regards to style and wearable fashion.

What is wearable fashion? Besides being our mantra and mission, wearable fashion is using the clothes you buy to accommodate your everyday lifestyle. Just because your are busy doesn't mean you have to negate a chic, easy flare to your everyday garb. Adding an accessory, editing what you already have compiled (even by taking away one piece), and playing with proportion can significantly add to your fashion palate. 

A huge trend for spring is the placement of small pearls or grommets on denim, tops, and scarves. Adding a small touch that isn't flashy is the perfect way to elevate wearable clothing. CCB's new denim line does this small edit in such a subtle way by placing the grommet on the cuff of the ankle skinny jean. A fun staple for the spring and summer that doesn't resemble a trend in a way that is unreachable.